February 4, 2019

Young Adult

Dream Lord

Rochaine longs to be a normal teenager but all her life she has felt like a freak because of the vivid dreams she has of death.  She is wary of contact with people she doesn’t know because a single touch could reveal a painful incident in their future.  When a magical race of people called Phineans appear on her doorstep claiming she is their Dream Lord, Rochaine can either ignore them or accept their offer of information about her dreams.

Arcadian is an enigmatic and powerful Phinean, intrigued by the first female Dream Lord.  His dislike for anything human conflicts with his concern for Rochaine’s safety because the Phineans Rochaine trusts are keeping secrets and limiting her power.  But can Rochaine trust Arcadian?  Especially since his father also has an interest in her.  He is intent on acquiring magical knowledge and there is nothing more powerful than a Dream Lord.